Kitchen Layouts

Basic Kitchen Layouts

Most kitchens are set up in standard shapes. Well designed kitchens are created with the work flow of the cook in mind. The object is to reduce the extra movement and improve your efficiency.

Below, we show you the 3 most common designs. The pictures are samples of drawings we will help you create.

Galley Kitchen


The Galley Kitchen – This style kitchen makes the most out of a smaller space. Great for smaller kitchens Appliances are close to one another Easy for one cook to maneuver – Can easily convert to a U-Shape by closing off one end.

The L-Shaped Kitchen


This kitchen shape is one of the most flexible and most popular, providing a compact triangle. Very flexible layout design – Major appliances can be placed in a variety of areas – Work areas are close to each other – Can easily convert to a U-Shape with a cabinet leg addition.

U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen design

Named for the “U” shape it resembles, this kitchen is popular in large and small homes alike. Perfect for families who use their kitchens a great deal – Provides plenty of counter space – Efficient work triangle – Can convert one cabinet leg into a breakfast bar.

Planning your activity centers

Stop and think about your existing kitchen design.

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t work?
  • How do you use the existing space in your kitchen?
  • How many people use the kitchen at one time?
  • Do you need more storage space?
  • Do you need more counter space?
  • What storage devices will you keep?
  • Is the kitchen and eating area used for activities other than food preparation and eating?
  • What can you add to improve the efficiency?
  • What should you remove to improve the efficiency?

Now that you have started thinking about your existing kitchen, think about what your family does in the kitchen. Listed below are some examples of activities performed in the kitchen

  • Food Preparations
  • Food Storage
  • Food Serving
  • Daily Dishes
  • Cooking
  • Family meal planning
  • Homework

Combine your answers to create the activity centers that will work for your family and lifestyle. Draw a rough drawing of the different activity centers in your kitchen. This map is for you, it does not have to be to scale.

Remember to locate the appliances when drawing your kitchen layout.

Note: Absolutely Cabinets doesn’t sell painted or glazed products.

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