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Meet Orin MorrisOrin Morris

Hi- I'm Orin. I've been involved in the construction industry since 1973. I have worked both in wholesale and retail sales. I've been on the manufacturing side of both cabinets and countertops. Having worked on both sides of the fence helps me greatly in the kitchen design process.

In 1989 I became self employed. I sell strictly Aristokraft, Schrock and Decora brand cabinets. Their quality and reliability make them an easy product to sell.

owner Owen MorrisMy business has been built on the motto "Honesty & Service". I strive to maintain a high level of both in my company. Our show room is located at 5940 W. 38th Ave. in Wheatridge, CO.

I will do my best to get you the style and color of cabinetry you want with the quality you deserve. You've got my word on it. Thanks for stopping by.

If you would like to see some pictures from my very stylish Denver City Loft, visit the Mile High Style slideshow at the bottom of this page.

Below are two really good pictures from a couple of cruises I have taken and the wonderful ladies I met:


Orin with his cruise friends. Orin and friend

Orin recently purchased and renovated a beautiful loft in downtown Denver using Decora' cabinets he sells in the Absolutely Cabinets showroom. Please take a few minutes to watch and enjoy the slideshow below. Just hover over the the bottom of the screen and stop, reverse, or proceed just by clicking the controls. The 'empty' room and lighter cabinetry images preceed the redesigned rooms for the entry area, kitchen, entertainment center, bedroom and closet.

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Mile High Style